Older children are also frequently affected by respiratory complaints or allergies. After receiving their second round of vaccinations, a percentage of children react by coughing or shortness of breath and skin rashes, which require an individual approach and several consultations, in particular on prevalence of asthma or bronchitis within the wider family.

In case of acute inflammations, such as inflammation of the ear or throat, abscesses, or furuncles, the inflammation will soon subside.

In the event of pneumonia, I maintain contact with parents once every few hours until the situation improves. I will inquire whether the family doctor has been consulted for a diagnosis on which lung is affected, helping me to determine the best remedy.

Treatment of childhood diseases can benefit from homeopathic assistance. Parents will notice how their child is much more at ease while the illness runs its course, for example in cases of whooping cough, measles, scarlet fever, German measles, and chicken pox. Such childhood diseases respond well to homeopathic remedy assistance, as children affected by chicken pox for instance, will be less troubled by irritating itches, allowing everyone to get the sleep they need, or during measles or scarlet fever children can be sick in a “healthy” way. It is crucially important not to suppress any external skin symptoms or rashes throughout these trajectories. I see how children, after experiencing a particular illness, suddenly appear to have grown and become more resilient during the process. For additional information about vaccinations, please refer to the site of NKVP, the Dutch Association for Critical Vaccination [ see Links ].

I also see a considerable number of children diagnosed with ADHD, a category in which homeopathy can be put to great use, as holds true for the various anxieties or anger outbursts children may display. The homeopathy can also be a big support to children diagnosed with autism, which some children are known to develop after vaccination.