One month before the baby is due, one can rent a kit containing 40 remedies especially selected for use during and after labour. For example when in  back labour  or when the contractions are too weak or when the mother suffers from excessive blood loss.

Partners, or those present at childbirth, can phone me to find the appropriate remedy which then can be taken from the kit. In my experience, obstetricians and gynaecologists are highly supportive.

In case of breast inflammation or sore nipples (thelalgia), the appropriate remedy takes effect quickly, allowing you to continue breast feeding. Consequences of ruptures are soothed by means of external hypercal tincture, combined with the appropriate internal remedy.

Of course, remedies can also be employed if babies display symptoms such as colic or cyanosis [ bluing ]. Given narcotics or cesarean section  one often notices babies having problems  with the stool, falling asleep during drinking or refusing breastfeeding.
A big problem which I see in the practice in the first months is insomnia of the little one.

One can keep the remedy kit for about six weeks ; the point at which mothers bring their babies along for their first consultation and  before  the vaccination period begins.