Babies and toddlers

Babies and toddlers are very rewarding in terms of employing homeopathic remedies, as they are quick to respond to them, and their general health is much better than that of adults.

Some babies display strong responses to vaccination, by symptoms such as various respiratory complaints or skin rash.

This is particularly true in families with a history of such symptoms.

The little ones can be affected by all sorts of skin complaints such as nappy rash, red cheek rash, or eczema in the hollows of the knees or elbows.

In case of bronchitis, asthma or eczema the intention is to provide repetitive consultations every two months over a period that depends on the time it takes to cure the problems, as these are chronic affections that do not benefit from quick fixes.

A distinction must be made between acute and chronic complaints.

If toddlers suffer from bouts of spurious croup, which nine times out of ten occur around 11pm , the appropriate remedy will immediately relieve them from their suffocating coughing fits.

Acute inflammation of the ear can be remedied quickly in most cases, which is fortunate, as the accompanying pain can be quite unbearable. I do receive the occasional nighttime call after sudden onsets of pain. A parent or caregiver can come by and pick up the remedy in a matter of hours.

This also applies to ailments accompanied by high fever: if a young child is delirious or suffers from convulsions by fast-rising fever, application of a remedy is an urgent matter. Another frequent occurrence, one I witness on a weekly basis, is the effort involved in teeth coming through. A remedy will help teeth come through quicker and easier.