Notice : in 2018 there is a change in the compensation of the insurer.

Info on the NVKH  site.


Adults:  for the initial consultation and  for follow-up consultations
€ 100,-    first consult                                                  € 85,-                   € 125,- an hour and a half

Children consultations :
         € 85,-

Telephone/ E-mail consultations: € 25,-  to € 50,-  depending on duration

Account number NL58INGB0006026750 

For possible remunerations, please refer to your health insurance policy conditions.

Further information is available from the NVKH website, either by E-mail or by telephone (+31 (0) 1724 99 595). Any cancellations should be announced by telephone at least 24 hours prior to the consultation, or whole consult will be charged.